UI/UX Designer • User Researcher • Digital Marketing Enthusiast • Landing Page Optimizer • Light Front-End Developer
Working at RESAAS, CDW Canada and Audiobooks.com has helped me to develop an indispensable set of digital marketing skills, solidified my foundations in UI/UX and User Research, in addition to enhancing my overall proficiency in front-end coding. I was also fortunate to be a key member of the marketing teams that catapulted CDW Canada to its status as Canada’s #1 Technology Solutions Provider and significantly increased the subscriber base of audiobooks.com.

On a personal level, I have been volunteering as a graphic designer for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Toronto Vegetarian Association, since 2014. Almost three years ago, I began practicing beginner hot yoga.

I can juggle several tasks with ease, which has proven an asset for teams that require a flexible multi-disciplinary player who thrives on the opportunity to project-hop.

Please take a moment to view my UX/UI and Print Design work and feel free to send me any comments regarding my work through LinkedIn or Instagram.