Print Projects Coordination, CDW Canada // Digital Print Associate - Jgraphx Solutions D'Impression Globales // Graphics Advisor & Sales, Apparel Printing // Off-set Print Workshop, Concordia University // Creative Print Design, International Academy of Design & Technology

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Wuchild Mount Pleasant #ParkLife
Commissioned to help produce this t-shirt for Wuchild, an inspiring Vancouver based moms collective.

Toronto Vegetarian Association
Custom icons and mailer design.

Direct Mailers for CDW Canada
CDW Canada achieved Canada's #1 Solutions Provider and these direct mailers were very successfull at acquiring new customers and retaining exisiting ones. They were usually 5x7 inches in size and digitally printed on cardstock.

Magazine Ads
CDW Canada's Aptitude Magazine reaches a wide range of public and private sector IT managers nationally. The magazine ads pictured below are a sample of what I have produced using Adobe illustrator and/or photoshop.

Canadian Cancer Society
Supporting youth-led tobacco related campaigns for the Canadian Cancer Society. Projects included the "Big Tobacco Lies" logo below, postcards and posters. Receiving national exposure and helping in passing Bill 45, Making Healthier Choices Act in 2015.