Conceptualization and production of the user interface for's iOS and Android apps. Software Experience: Photosphop, Illustrator, Sketch App, InVision App and Principle.

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User Experience Sample Case
Here's the process of adding book chapters to an app

64 Apps Researched
Researched how "Book Chapters" are displayed on 64 audiobooks apps. A few samples below with quick notes on what stood out in each.

Apple iBooks
It takes one tap on a "list" icon to get to chapters which are called "tracks".

It takes one tap on the word "chapters", no icon.

3 taps to get to the chapter of choice plus 2 steps to add a bookmark.

List Icon used to access chapters in one tap. Bookmarks inside chapters page.

2 steps to view chapters through an "List" icon plus a "Tablet of Contents" menu item.

Hamburger icon used to access a menu with "Chapters" as a sub-menu.

My intention was to make "chapters" and "bookmarks" visible on the audiobook player screen, so the user is made aware of the app's features at first glance.